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Beech River Baptist Association is an organization of independent and autonomous Southern Baptist Congregations who voluntarily cooperate in order to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The association is headquartered in 42 separate and mission-minded Baptist Churches in three counties of West Tennessee. The location and times for meeting of the congregations may be found by following the "Churches" link on the home page..

Our leaders from left to right are  Moderator Jimmy Burroughs, Vice-Moderator Micah Renfroe, and Treasurer Vickie Anderson. Not shown is Clerk Amanda Taylor.


What we are truly all about is contained in our motto:

Partnering With One Another To Fulfill The Great Commission

To help advance the Kingdom of God, we voluntarily come together in order to more effectively fulfill the tasks of the church.

  •        Worship

  •        Evangelism

  •        Discipleship

  •        Ministry

  •        Fellowship 

It is not the responsibility of the association to do the work the Lord called the church to do, but rather to assist the churches in doing their God-given ministry. This is accomplished through training church leaders, resourcing as practical, and by helping the churches coordinate activities. The association has no ecclesiastical authority or power over any congregation or any staff member.


Our Resource Center is located at 771 E Church Street in Lexington.

Our Association is located wherever the members of our churches are at work in the world.

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